Mommy love

It seems the perfect day to begin another blog.
I had been thinking for a while about having a place to spill my thoughts and visions.
But in a different format than I’m used to.
This one’s for me ~ Carolee.

Great Grandma Lee and my own mommy loves – JJ and Leigh

Appropriately, today is Mother’s Day – so  I dedicate my first post to Nana, Baba and to my own dear Mama.
She birthed five of us — Dawn “Carolee” ~ that’s me. Born second, just eighteen months following my older brother.
Then, eighteen months later, another brother — and finally two more baby sisters followed.
The female genes overpower our clan and the “Carolee” in me is testimony to that statement.
Caroline Mary, my dad’s mom – who we fondly referred to as “Baba,” is stamped in my memories and also in my name.
She makes up the first half, “Carol.” The latter-half “Lee” balances my alpha female tendencies and implants
the third generation of mixed European seed, to further expand the growing branches of our family tree.
It’s me ~ Carolee. So, you see.
There’s a story here that I’m ready to tell.

There are actually several — told over my lifetime.
I’ll expand with words and views — at random.
But, today is Mother’s Day! And I am blessed to have my own 20-year-old daughter
spending the weekend with me at our happy place by the river.
We’ll be joining my son and his fiance for dinner later .
so, it’s turning out to be a most splendid afternoon!
I woke early today — as I usually do! Sunrise is always the best part of the day.
Natures glory surrounds me — I breathe deeply and I thank God!